Different types of Double Strollers

double strollerHaving twins or toddlers in close age is tough. One baby is a mouthful so twins or two babies would mean double the trouble. But companies who manufacture products for infants and kids made the parents’ lives a lot easier by creating double strollers. Double strollers are
as in demand as single strollers. Single stroller can suffice but the double stroller can offer twice the convenience. Here are the different types of strollers that can help parents choose the Best double stroller for them.

Umbrella Double Stroller. This is the least expensive and the lightest double stroller. This is the sling seated type. The downside of this is the lack of storage space. It can come with s mall pocket at the back. But that is mainly used for towels and small baby bottles. This is one of the foldable strollers which can be folded really fat, you could almost put them in any part of the car.

The side by side duo double strollers offer a good comfort too for parents. The babies can play together and that would be fun to watch. However, that could lead to fighting too.

Twin Twist Duo Double. This is very comfortable and durable. This is more expensive that typical double strollers but you can really say you are getting what you are paying for. This is a medium sized stroller. Not so heavy but offers the same comfort and ease of use.

Instep Safari. This is one of the high-end double strollers. The kids have their own personal space and a very convenient tray to eat while parents stroll for a walk. Parensts say this is the best double stroller. The downside
is its bulkiness. But comfortwise, this could be your best bet.

Buying the best double stroller is not really complicated. Just make sure you know what you need.

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