Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

Most shoes available today do not really provide the level of comfort that they should provide to your feet. This naturally leaves you feeling tired at the end of the day. The feet support the entire weight of our body and as much as any other part of the body it should be pampered and cared for. Therefore give yourself a treat and you can now make walking, standing, running and jogging much easier now with Gravity Defyer shoes! This brand offers a wide range of footwear which includes sandals, walking shoes, running shoes, boots and many more types of pairs that seek to provide comfort with every step that you take. Let’s take a look at Gravity Defyer Shoes Review and find out the different kinds of shoes that this brand has to offer

Gravity Defyer Men’s Shoes

Gravity-Defyer-Men's-NEXTA-Athletic-ShoeMen’s shoes provide a great range to choose from. Some of the good ones are Gravity Defyer Men’s NEXTA Athletic Shoe. It is priced between, $99.70-$129.95. Some of the features which make it so likeable are that the sole is manmade. Its outsole is shock-absorbing and energy returning as it has VS2 VersoShock Trampoline technology. The upper mesh is made of breathable fabric. This prevents bacteria from collecting. It has web-last technology and protects your body while walking or standing. It also has removable insoles.

Another great shoe which you should possess is the Gravity Defyer Extora II Athletic Shoes. This pair is great for sensitive feet and it can accommodate a wide range of foot conditions. The Extora II Tennis Shoes also feature the VS2 VersoShock Reverse Trampoline sole. It has leather uppers which not only look good but are easy to clean. It also has a full heel cup and virtual shank so that the mid-foot is given stability.

Gravity Defyer Women’s Shoes

Gravity-Defyer-Women's-Galaxy-ll-Athletic-ShoeThe Gravity Defyer Galaxy II is a great shoe if you are looking for comfort. This pair has a combination of the VS2 VersoShock Trampoline sole and a soft and padded upper. This is great for doing away with any feeling of discomfort. It also has more shock absorption and more energy return. It has removable insoles too.

Gravity Defyer Woman’s NEXTA Athletic Shoe delivers supreme performance and benefits. It features new construction methods and materials and the latest web-last technology gives a rugged skeleton to the upper mesh fabric which is lightweight and breathable. It has a well padded collar and tongue which reduces friction at the ankle. The best feature is the VS2 VersaShock Reverse Trampoline sole. It also features three times the shock absorption and twice the energy return.

Another exciting shoe for women is the Pink Faux Suede Stripe Design Gravity Wedges. These wedges feature a faux suede material, open toes, inner zipper closure, colour contrast stripe, faux leather on the bottom and a six inch heel. What makes this design truly marvellous is the bold colour that speaks out loud. Also available in similar patterns are the Qupid Embroidered Heel Less Curved Wedge Bootie Shoes, the Qupid Faux Suede Lace Up Sneaker Heel Less Gravity Wedges Shoes and many more!

Gravity Defyer Running Sneakers

Gravity Blue Red Men’s Shoes are available in sizes 11 D – Medium. This pair of shoes is for runners who want a durable, daily training shoe that acts at a fast tempo or a race shoe. It is more supportive than the lightweight trainer pairs and is guaranteed to last a long time.
Men’s Gravity III Yellow Running Shoes, is one that is suitable for all distances from one block to a hundred miles. The upper shoe is made of lightweight, breathable mesh. It also has anatomical metatarsal stretch panel, semi-flat lightweight laces and 360 degree reflectivity. It has Action/Reaction technology in the mid-foot and heel and an enhanced medial mid-sole platform.

Gravity Defyer Walking Shoes

Men's-G-Defy-Super-Walk-Athletic-ShoeGravity Defyer Super Walk for men is a shoe that is built for comfort as well as performance. It is great for walking as the padded collar and tongue chaff the ankle. The last web-last technology turns this lightweight pair into a rugged exoskeleton. It has a durable reinforced toe and heel guards which reduces scuffing and wear. This pair is inbuilt with a VS2 VersoShock Reverse Trampoline sole.

Gravity Defyer Super Walk for women is a great example for a shoe that is perfect for the trials. This shoe is comfortable to wear. It has a padded collar and the latest web-last technology keeps this shoe light, but at the same time sturdy. The best feature of this pair is that it has the VS2 VersoShock Reverse Trampoline sole, with three times the amount of shock absorption and twice the energy return. It has durable, reinforce toe and heel guards which reduce scuffing and wear. It is leather lined and well cushioned from the inside.

Gravity Defyer Work Boots

Kingston-Safety-Toe-Work-Boots-TanMen’s Gravity Defyer Kingston Safety Toe Work Boots available in Tan, is a pair which is a combination of both leather and synthetic. It has a manmade sole and VersoShock Reverse Trampoline Solwe featuring 1mm of shock absorbing action. In other words this consists of a trampoline pad and twin stabilizers. The upper part is made of soft leather and it has reinforced stitching. It also features a high top upper with one-hole lace closure and it has AVS3 Cooling system.

Marlony-Safety-Toe-Work-BootsThe Gravity Defyer Marlony Safety Toe Work Boots for men do much to reduce impact and add comfort. This pair too has the VersoShpck trampoline technology. It consists of a polymer trampoline pad and twin stabilizers. It gives you energy which propels you forward with a sense of lightness. It has soft, full-grain leather uppers with reinforced stitching. It also has a safety top cap and a cooling system, a padded tongue and collar. Thus this pair seeks to give you control over body motion, improved body posture and cooler feet throughout the day!

On the whole, Gravity Defyer shoes could be the exact kind that’ll deliver.


gravity defyer running shoes Gravity Defyer Sneakers

Gravity Defyer sneakers are undoubtedly creating a name for themselves within the footwear industry. From the risqué logo design to the statements about how their shoes function and exactly what they could do for average consumers, they are creating a significant stir. However it takes a lot more than some modern technology to gain the hearts of shoppers nowadays, so let’s dig deeper into the product to find out what it has gotten going for it.

The Buzz
The hype originates from this modest upstart shoe company saying they’ve found a method to bioengineer a sneaker that results in a lesser gravity on Earth, as well as because of the old sperm company logo. They say that every press is great press, which implies that people, going Crazy over their previous logo, is a positive thing for their business overall.

The Cost
Gravity Defyer sneakers are more expensive than the usual footwear, but you’d assume that, since they are meant to have major benefits and advancements over the typical pair of running shoes. They initially provided an One month free trial offer on their sneakers, which resulted in many individuals complaining about the unexpected charges on their cards, and began the company on the wrong foot, zero pun intended. They have since halted the trial, and simply sold their sneakers the old-fashioned approach now, and also have an One month guarantee set up instead. A far greater system.

What remains now is to find out if the spring-loaded heels really cushion the pressure, and work in order to propel you frontward. It appears logical that this is exactly what it should do, but footwear companies have already been working with shoe heels since that time Nike put pods of air inside them in the past. Users admit it feels wonderful, and dampens much of the impact of the step. This is exactly what results in your feet feeling worn out and achy after the day.

With all the cool features: Twin Stabilizers, a SMM (Smart Memory Mastor) Spring, plus special molding around the midsole, it’s difficult to see how these sneakers could not do the things they say. So far as it developing a weightless feeling, it is more comparable to your feet feeling light, or possessing a spring everytime you take step – literally.

Our Recommendation
We respect this company is attentive to the market industry. They substituted their ordering method because it was revealed not to function and remodeled their logo when customers said they hated it. It demonstrates they are focused on being in the market in the future, and they can adapt properly to change.

You most likely won’t feel as if you are defying gravity, yet there’s likewise very little harm in having a set of Gravity Defyer sneakers. They are equally as comfortable as some of the top brands and some have discovered them to generally be the best footwear they’ve ever purchased. With the assurance of the Gravity Defyer one month guarantee, they are simply confident that should you test them, you will not be returning them back. Along with most shoes you can not return them as soon as they show indications of wear, however with these, you’re supposed to try them out and find out for yourself exactly how they feel.

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