The best makeup artist in London

Are you going to be married in a few days? Do you want to get professional makeup due to an event? Do you want to dazzle everyone at the party? Getting a good makeup artist might do the trick. However, it is really hard to find the best makeup artist. Cheap artists often cannot do a very good job, while expensive artists, being good at their jobs, are wallet-killing. So, you’ll have to choose a balanced combination, which is both cost-effective and good at their work. Such a combination may be hard to find, but there are such makeup artists available. One of them is Ellia, who is one of the best makeup artist London.

Ellia’s magic

Ellia is a professional makeup artist who works in London. She is from Bromley and has studied at the London College of Fashion in the field of Makeup Artistry. She is very successful and has built an extremely good reputation in the field of TV, fashion and movies. She does bridal makeup and has satisfied hundreds of brides with her beautiful style. She can be hired for special events too. She uses the best products in the field of makeup and Tom Ford, MAC and YSL are some of the brands she uses.

Also, she always remains up to date in the field of fashion and makeup equipments. She aims to provide the best to her clients by knowing about the preferences and the newest fashion statement.

Some of the services that she provides

Ellia provides many services related to makeup. Some of the services that she provides are:

  • Bridal makeup: This kind of makeup is done specifically for brides. This package includes many different components like strip lashes, normal makeup and final touches.
  • Makeup for special occasions: She can do your makeup if you want it for a special event. You’ll just have to tell her about that event and she’ll do the rest. Or you can also tell her about your own preferences and she’ll help you do it.
  • Makeup for marriage parties: Are you planning to go to a marriage ceremony of a friend or a relative? You can ask Ellia for the best makeup and she’ll do it in very less time.
  • Eyelash extensions: Do you want to make your eyelashes larger and more beautiful? Ellia can help you with that too. She can do a full set makeup, infill and half set makeup for you too.
  • Makeup tutorial: Do you want to learn how to do expert makeup at home? You can learn it from Ellia at a very low price. If you participate in groups, you can learn it at an even lower price.

Though it is hard to find a good makeup artist who gives professional services at low price, Ellia is a very good example. She gives a rice variety of makeup services to her clients. Thousands of clients are very satisfied by her, and she still continues to satisfy everyone with her excellent services.

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